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Release Day: Faltering by Julia Danes

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One exotic location, one sex-filled week, one secret to hide ...
Bad luck. Emma's life has been full of it lately. Abandoned by her best friend. Stranded in a foreign country without cash or a passport. She's ready to give up her dreams of an exotic adventure and head home. But when a sexy stranger offers to help how can she say no?
A challenge. Alec Hawthorne is handsome, charismatic, and used to getting what he wants. So when he spots Emma, alone and in trouble, he can't resist pursuing her. But meeting Emma threatens to undo all his carefully laid plans.
Consuming desire. Emma didn't plan on finding romance while studying abroad, but that doesn't stop her from from being seduced by Alec's intense, demanding charms. When he asks her to spend the week with him how can she refuse?
Difficult choices. Little do they know their instant attraction spells trouble. When Emma finds out the secret Alec's been keeping can she learn to trust him again? Is Alec willing to give up everything he's been working for to be with Emma?
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I make it back to my dorm without any further mishaps. Shutting the door behind me, I kick off my heels and pad barefoot over to my bed. I throw my bag onto Freya’s bare mattress and lie back, my head hitting the pillow with a soft thump. I’m exhausted. I close my eyes for a second and take a couple of calming breaths, in and out. I need a few minutes to get my head together.
As soon as my eyes close, flashes of seductive golden-green eyes and broad muscular shoulders invade my brain. Alec Hawthorne. Holy hell. I let my mind wander for a couple of minutes, imagining the feel of those strong hands exploring my body, sliding slowly up my inner thighs. That big, hard body pressing into me, pinning me to the mattress. My skin flushes as one hand reaches below my waist, the other making slow circles around my nipples.
Just when the tension begins to build, my phone rings. I jump, startled out of my daydream, and sit up clumsily to reach for my phone. I don’t recognize the number.
“Emma.” The deep, sexy voice washes over me and I have to bite my lip to stop from crying out. Did he know what I’d been doing? I shake my head to try and clear it. Of course not, how could he know?
“Yes?” I try to sound normal but my heart is suddenly racing.
“I just wanted to make sure you made it back safely.” In the background I can hear traffic noises, like he might be in the back of a taxi.
“Yeah, thanks, no more problems.” I smile into the phone. It feels good to have someone worry about me.
“Let me take you to dinner.”
The offer is tempting. My stomach is empty and the only thing I have are some stale peanut butter crackers from the vending machine. But . . . the effect he had on me was a little intimidating. Do I trust myself around him? I don’t want any romantic complications.
“Say yes, Emma. I’ll pick you up at seven.” His tone is confident, commanding even. It didn’t leave a lot of room for debate.
“Sure, okay. Where are we . . .” The phone clicks before I can finish my question. He cut me off! But I can’t stay annoyed; I’m going to see Alec again.
Julia Danes Author Pic
Julia Danes loves to read and write romantic stories about smart women and sexy men.
With a degree in English literature from Boston University and a master’s in library science, she has spent the last decade working in publishing as a freelance editor before turning to her childhood dream of being a novelist.
Raised in the Boston area, she now lives in Florida with her husband and three children.
Faltering is her debut novel.
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Friday, March 14, 2014

Spotlight: Truth or Dare by A.J. Bennett

Truth of Dare Spotlight Banner

Title: Truth or Dare

Author: A.J. Bennett

Release: February 2014

Truth or Dare


Luna Alexander has always been a 'free spirit' and lived by her own rules, consequences be damned. With the approach of an anniversary she'd rather forget, Luna starts to wonder if there's more to life than partying and hooking up with hot guys.

A chance meeting with a dark knight knocks her off kilter and has her emotions spinning out of control. 

Will she finally overcome her past for a chance at happiness, or will she hide behind the walls she's built around her?

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Too her surprise he strode over to her table reaching her in several long strides. She couldn’t take her eyes off his tall powerful body.

“Didn’t I already tell you once to buzz off?” Luna glared at him.

Rather than getting pissed off, he seemed amused. The smug look on his face irritated her. Even if it was a face that looked as though it was a masterpiece carved in stone. She noticed a jagged scar above his left eyebrow. It only added to his perfection.  
He draped his arm across the chair next to her. His causal poster only ticked her off more. He could act a little bit apprehensive.  
His cool gaze dropped from her eyes to her mouth, she saw his lips twitch and she wondered what he was thinking. Of course he didn’t stop there his gaze continued downward and blatantly stared at the tops of her breast that skimmed over her tank top.  
“Like what you see?”  
 He glanced up his eyes locking on hers. “Me and every other asshole in this bar with a pulse.”  
 Luna shrugged. Guys liked chicks, period. She wasn’t the only one in the bar and most of the jackasses could care less which one they took home. She doubted anyone in the joint was looking for a life partner.

Why did she allow herself to get inebriated? She couldn’t even think of a smartass comeback. 
“Do you have a ride home?”  
“Yep. What are you like a black knight in shining armor?”  
Another half-smile tugged at the corner of his mouth. Apparently, it would kill him to give a full blown smile.  
“I don’t rate a white knight?” 
 Luna shook her head. “Nope, you’re like me. All darkness.”

About the Author

Author Pic

A.J. Bennett lives in Nashville, TN with her husband and bulldog. She's addicted to coffee, popcorn and books. Becoming an author has been a lifelong dream, and she's extremely excited about her debut novel Now or Never.

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Monday, March 3, 2014

Review: Bomb by J.A. Huss

Bomb: A Day in the Life of Spencer Shrike 

(Rook and Ronin Spinoff)

by: J.A. Huss

Spencer Shrike is a plotter. Known for his ingenious, albeit illegal, plans that keeps the Team running efficiently and out of jail, he carries this same love of order into his personal life. He’s kept his long-time main squeeze on the sidelines for years as he builds the Shrike Bikes empire.

Veronica Vaughn is an explosion ready to happen. Ronnie lives in the here and now. She lives for today. She knows what she wants, and she wants it now. And right now Ron the Bomb Vaughn wants Spencer shrike to leave her the hell alone. She’s done playing his game. She’s done waiting around. She’s moving forward with her own plots, plans, and dreams and she’s moving forward tonight. Ron the Bomb is finally—finally—gonna get some satisfaction.

Too bad Spencer Shrike is standing in her way.

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This was my first JA Huss book and I say was because I prompty bought the first book in this series after reading Bomb. I read this as a stand alone, but I think it would make more sense if you have read the other books in this series. All said, OMG this story is HOT! It's full of foul language, steaming sex and adventures that leave you wanting more. Spencer says and does all the right things. He may be a crappy boyfriend, but is one hell of a night. :)

Spencer is trying to get his stuff together. He is the muscle in his group of friends and they are trying to find out who stole his bikes. He is gearing up to start the new reality series on Shrike's Bikes. He is also trying to protect Veronica (Ronnie) from the poop storm that is about to become his life. Ronnie doesn't want his protection. She wants normal. Her own place, her own car, a boyfriend who is with her completely & publicly. My fave "PG" part that doesn't contain spoilers is shortly after they meet at her tattoo parlor. Spence is talking to Ronnie, trying to convince her to give him a chance.
And I told myself, She's mine. I need her. I don't know her, but I will. And now I do. And I want you. Not just for tonight, not just for a weekend, not for just this semester to pass the time, not just to get some kickass ink on my body. I want you for all those things, but I want them indefinitely.

About the Author

JA Huss is the author of the Amazon bestselling Rook and Ronin series, the epic science fiction I Am Just Junco series, and hundreds of kid-friendly science books in subjects such as biology, physics, anatomy and physiology, astronomy, and forensics. She has an undergraduate degree in equine science and a master’s degree in forensic toxicology. She has never taken a creative writing class and she hopes she never will.

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