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Review: Bomb by J.A. Huss

Bomb: A Day in the Life of Spencer Shrike 

(Rook and Ronin Spinoff)

by: J.A. Huss

Spencer Shrike is a plotter. Known for his ingenious, albeit illegal, plans that keeps the Team running efficiently and out of jail, he carries this same love of order into his personal life. He’s kept his long-time main squeeze on the sidelines for years as he builds the Shrike Bikes empire.

Veronica Vaughn is an explosion ready to happen. Ronnie lives in the here and now. She lives for today. She knows what she wants, and she wants it now. And right now Ron the Bomb Vaughn wants Spencer shrike to leave her the hell alone. She’s done playing his game. She’s done waiting around. She’s moving forward with her own plots, plans, and dreams and she’s moving forward tonight. Ron the Bomb is finally—finally—gonna get some satisfaction.

Too bad Spencer Shrike is standing in her way.

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This was my first JA Huss book and I say was because I prompty bought the first book in this series after reading Bomb. I read this as a stand alone, but I think it would make more sense if you have read the other books in this series. All said, OMG this story is HOT! It's full of foul language, steaming sex and adventures that leave you wanting more. Spencer says and does all the right things. He may be a crappy boyfriend, but is one hell of a night. :)

Spencer is trying to get his stuff together. He is the muscle in his group of friends and they are trying to find out who stole his bikes. He is gearing up to start the new reality series on Shrike's Bikes. He is also trying to protect Veronica (Ronnie) from the poop storm that is about to become his life. Ronnie doesn't want his protection. She wants normal. Her own place, her own car, a boyfriend who is with her completely & publicly. My fave "PG" part that doesn't contain spoilers is shortly after they meet at her tattoo parlor. Spence is talking to Ronnie, trying to convince her to give him a chance.
And I told myself, She's mine. I need her. I don't know her, but I will. And now I do. And I want you. Not just for tonight, not just for a weekend, not for just this semester to pass the time, not just to get some kickass ink on my body. I want you for all those things, but I want them indefinitely.

About the Author

JA Huss is the author of the Amazon bestselling Rook and Ronin series, the epic science fiction I Am Just Junco series, and hundreds of kid-friendly science books in subjects such as biology, physics, anatomy and physiology, astronomy, and forensics. She has an undergraduate degree in equine science and a master’s degree in forensic toxicology. She has never taken a creative writing class and she hopes she never will.

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