Monday, August 31, 2015

Spotlight: Saving Rebel: Renegade Rebels Motorcycle Club by Honey Palomino


Rebel, Mason and Harley grew up watching their parents run the Renegade Rebels Motorcycle Club. But when Harley's little sister, Rebel, is ripped out of their lives after a fiery gunfight on her twelfth birthday, her brother and his best friend think they'll never see her again. Seven years later, the men are running the MC and Rebel comes riding back into their lives in a whirlwind explosion of trouble, mischief and forbidden temptation.

Rebel is not the little girl who left them. Nineteen years old and made of sensuous curves, she proves too tempting for smoldering Mason to resist. He knows he's risking the wrath of his MC president best friend by falling for his sister. But she's worth the risk.

When Rebel interferes with club business, all hell breaks loose and they are thrown deep into a danger so dark and sinister that their very survival is against all odds.

Bonus: This book includes a free bonus copy of Honey Palomino's Dirty Crow Motorcycle Club!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Spotlight: The Con by Justine Elvira

Jagger had three rules for every con:

1. Don't back out
2. Don't forget the story
3. Don't fuck it up

I broke them all.

I first met Jagger when I was just nine years old. He was an older boy who gave me twenty dollars to buy a new pair of ballet shoes after I dropped mine in the mud. That's when I fell in love with him.

And love would be my downfall.

I would run into Jagger over the years and I'd watch him as he'd hustle strangers out of their money with his latest scam. He lied, he cheated, and he took advantage of anyone he could. Most importantly, he never got caught.

Well, until he needed me to help him pull off his biggest con to date.

I thought I could do it. He told me it was easy to make money through deception, and I believed him because he had a lot of it.

But I should have known that nothing is guaranteed.

My name is Ronnie and now we're on the run.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Spotlight: Lawless by Tracey Ward

Lawson Daniel is good at a lot of things. He can show you the best places to surf, the perfect time of day to ride the tide. He knows the best bars, the best bands, he has the best weed, and if you’re looking to get laid, he’ll show you the best time.

No girl in her right mind should speak to him. She definitely shouldn’t have sex with him, and only a blind, self-loathing idiot would fall in love with him.

I’ve done all three.

All in the span of one sweltering, suffering summer that nearly cost me everything down to the blood in my body and the beat of my heart.

No one walked away from that season unscathed.

Not even Lawson Daniel.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Spotlight: Between the Lines (A Baxter Novel) by Jane Charles

As a reporter, Ellen West has an inherent need to dig up secrets and expose them, and the Baxter School of the Arts is concealing a secret she has vowed to find. But on the path to the truth, she finds Gabe Kent, former ball player, and he sets about the path to finding out her truth, and it’s much more complicated than anyone could have suspected.

A school for the talented and the wounded.
A secret that threatens to destroy the whole system.
A threat that’s lurking in the background.
Blinding passion that clouds her vision.
A love unlike she could ever have dreamed.

Gabe Kent might be more than she can handle. But she certain he’s more than she deserves.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Spotlight: Unexpected by Lilly Avalon

Ever had one of those days? Alina Lyons is having one. Everything keeps falling apart and going wrong. Just when she thinks it couldn't get worse, it does. After a case of mistaken identity and a broken heart, she finds herself questioning the things she thought she knew. She wonders who she can turn to or trust anymore.

An unlikely bond with her former best friend's ex, Ryan Wilcox, sends her life in a new direction. He offers her a place to stay while she gets her life back on track. His friendship is exactly what she's been missing—what she's been needing. Alina's never felt this alive. As time goes by, the dynamic of their relationship becomes more than either of them expected. A few innocent kisses could lead them in a new direction, but are they prepared for what's on the other side?

Only one way to find out.

*Unexpected is a standalone new adult novel*

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Spotlight: Trace + Olivia Series Boxed Set by Micalea Smeltzer

Finding Olivia: How far would you go to find yourself? That’s the question that’s been haunting Olivia Owens for years. (Approx. 124,000 words)

Chasing Olivia: How far would you go to reignite the spark you once had? Two years later, Trace and Olivia are as much in love as they’ve always been. But the spark they once had for life is waning and Trace is determined that they find it again. His solution? A road trip. But he doesn’t tell Olivia the real reason they’re heading north. (Approx. 106,000 words)

Tempting Rowan: I’m drowning in the numbness. It’s pulling me under and I can’t see the surface. It’s easier to pretend I can’t feel. And the longer you pretend, the easier it is to believe. But he wants to save me. Only he can’t. I have to save myself…and I don’t know if I want to. (Approx. 103,000 words)

Saving Tatum: Even tough girls need saving. Jude Brooks is bad news. He’s the kind of guy that leaves behind a string of broken hearts and Tatum O’Connor is not about to be one of those girls, despite all of Jude’s advances. They have a past, and Tatum’s determined to make sure they don’t have a future.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Spotlight: Hope Against Hope (The Hope Brothers Series) by Honey Palomino


One mistake - just one small mistake. Who could have known it would cause so much damage?

The Hope family have always had each other. When tragedy strikes, the Hope siblings are forced to band together in their darkest moment, to protect what’s left of their family farm.

But when the dark, mysterious, and dangerously sexy Beau Haggard comes knocking, the Hope brothers must face what they've always feared...

Beau Haggard is a rival. Beau Haggard is a danger. Beau Haggard is related to the prime suspect in the suspicious fires being set all over town.

Still, Beau Haggard is the only thing that their only sister, Georgia, wants above all else.

Will the sparks flying between Beau and Georgia destroy the only thing the Hope’s have left - each other?

Monday, August 24, 2015

Spotlight: Meant To Be (Heaven Hill Book 1) by Laramie Briscoe

Single mother.
Laid off factory worker.
Drug runner for the Heaven Hill Motorcycle Club.

When Denise Cunningham is served with foreclosure papers on her birthday it’s the last straw in a long line of bad luck. Sitting and crying about things has never been how she solved her problems, but this time she decides to do just that. A phone call interrupts her pity party and changes the course of her life forever.

Loyal brother.
Grease monkey mechanic.
Vice President of the Heaven Hill Motorcycle Club.

William Walker Jr., known as Liam to his club, needs a new recruit that is just naïve enough and desperate enough to do what he asks without question. When Denise Cunningham lands in his lap, he decides to hire her - not because he wants to, because he has to.

Neither are comfortable in their new roles, but he needs help and she can’t stand to lose anything else.

As bullets fly and a local Bowling Green, KY reporter works to bring the club down, Liam and Denise find themselves getting closer to one another. When the stakes get high and outside forces try to keep them away from each other, they have to decide if they really are meant to be.

Spotlight: Playing For Keeps by Dani Weston

Courtney Dreger is embarking on her last year at UCLA, and that means keeping her nose to the grindstone so that she can get into a great MBA program. It also means that it might be time to say goodbye to her all-women band, Ladies in Waiting, for good. There just isn't time to study and rock and roll, anymore. When pop icon Jimmy Keats enters the picture, though, Courtney finds her world turned upside down. Not only is Jimmy smolderingly sexy and very attentive to Courtney, he's also thinking about signing her band to his new label. Courtney's not convinced she can juggle a hot, famous man, a music career, and her academic career--but she's sure as hell going to try. When anonymous letters threaten her life, however, Courtney realizes she may be in too deep. Is love and the rock and roll lifestyle worth the drama, the fear, and the trust issues she's been having since Jimmy Keats walked into her life? Courtney has to decide if she can really have it all--even when there are people who don't want her to. Playing For Keeps is a sexy romp into a world filled with music, glamour, friendships, mystery, and love. Adult content.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Spotlight: Smitten by Gemma Brooks


We didn’t have anything like her back home.

A bona fide head turnin’, heartbreakin’, small town girl approached me on a dare from her friends. Whiskey on her pretty lips and a sway in her hips, she lost all composure the second our eyes locked. And the moment I kissed her, I knew I had to get her out of that place. I had to take her home with me. One look in her eyes, and I knew we were on the verge of something amazing. All she had to do was trust me…


A bona fide smooth talkin’, expensive haircut havin’, fancy watch wearin’ movie star rolled into my little town to film a movie.

He said he wanted to show me the world. Take me under his wing. And he got upset when I questioned his intentions. But what could a big name movie star like him possibly want with me? A nobody? It was hard to question his motives when his hands were all over my body and his lips were whispering all the right words, but I had to protect my heart. I had to be extra careful with this one. He was unlike any guy I'd ever met before, and he had the power to destroy me in one fell swoop.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is the remastered, novelized version of the Starstruck series. If you have read the Starstruck series, you have already read this book. Due to adult content, this novel is recommended for mature readers. Full-length, standalone book. No cliffhanger.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Spotlight: Healed by LOVE (Healed by Love #1) by Ami LeCoeur & Elle Dawson

How well do you ever REALLY know another person? Their secrets? Their fears? Their doubts?

Meet Thompson. The real Thompson. Underneath this polite chauffeur's exterior beats the heart of a warrior. A warrior who has been through hell and back. A warrior trying desperately to deal with the demons of his past. Trying desperately to bury the disappointments of his life, his actions, his failures.

Meet Maria. Sweet. Creative. Funny. With a heart of gold. Even confined to a wheelchair because of an accident, no one could define her as disabled. She longs for all the things any young woman longs for: love, connection, maybe a family. But for now, she's put that aside.

In the best-selling series, High Stakes Seduction, you got a glimpse of Thompson and Maria... the parts of themselves they normally show to the world. Now, come discover the private sides of two people struggling to leave their pasts behind. Two people fighting the limitations others have imposed on them. Two people whose lives and souls can only be Healed by Love.

Don’t miss this sexy and intense first book in the High Stakes Seduction spin-off series, Healed by LOVE by best-selling authors, Ami LeCoeur and Elle Dawson.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Spotlight: House of Paine - (A Romantic Suspense - Book 1) by Kylie Walker

Paige Acosta's world is flipped upside down when she learns her brother Greg, a undercover NYPD cop has died from an accidental heroine overdose. Paige knows this was no 'ACCIDENT'.

Greg was obsessed with bringing down the two largest crime rings in New York.

The Paine and Kramer families.

Paige is already familiar with the head of the Paine family...he was married to her mother for five years.

To avenge her brother's death, she drops everything and finds herself immersed in a world filled with tension, terror and the threat of death.

Paige learns just how far she’ll go to discover who murdered her brother…and questions how far she’s willing to go with the son of the man who started it all.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Spotlight: Indecent Cravings (The Indecent Cravings Series Book 1) by S.K. Cross

This is where it all began. The epic coming-of-age love story starts here.

WARNING: This is NOT a story for prudes.

Abigail is a rich society girl who escapes her upper-crusty family, renames herself Jayd, and hops a plane to Miami to explore her dark desires for debauchery at the hands of billionaire dom Lukas Thorn.

In the hot and filthy journey that ensues, Lukas teaches Jayd dark pleasures beyond anything she has ever known. Along the way, she develops a sense of inner strength and power she never knew she had.

Do not read if any of the following offends you: Dirty talk, floggers, riding crops, anal sex, strap-on dildos, heavy ropes, threesomes, foursomes, moresomes, tongues in places they probably shouldn't go, sensory deprivation, public humiliation, girl-on-girl, girl-on-guy, guy-on-two-girls, two-girls-on-girl, well-endowed M2F transsexual-on-girl, well-endowed M2F transsexual-on-guy, tease and denial contests, dominatrixes, and sex swings...all consensual and in the spirit of fun and personal growth. (Not all of these appear in this book but will be explored over the course of the series... and more!)

You have been warned.

Themes explored: Overcoming personal challenges, discovering one's purpose in life, inspiring people to live their own lives on their own terms, and refusing to allow others to control how you think.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Spotlight: My (Former) Nerd Stepbrother by Arabella Abbing

Back in high school, the only thing that mattered to me was my social status. A few weeks before prom, my loser stepbrother James revealed his feelings for me and my friends came up with a humiliating plan to embarrass him on the big night. The biggest regret of my life was going along with the cruel plan. After prom, I vowed never to treat anyone so poorly again. If only that vow was enough to make it up to James.

Six years later and I'm up to my eyeballs in bills. The only person who could possibly help me is James since he became vastly rich after high school with the start-up of his software company. I can only hope he’ll see how much I’ve changed from the person I was in high school when I beg for his help and forgiveness.

The most surprising part of seeing him is just how much he had changed.

This title was previously published under a different name and title. If the description sounds familiar, please review the ‘Look Inside’ portion before purchasing.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Spotlight: Dare: The Nox Book One by T.A. Foster

Choices should come easily to a queen.

Especially the queen of panther shifters. But Dare, leader of the Nox, faces the most difficult decisions of her life as she struggles to keep her freedom and keep the Nox safe.

Destined to marry when she turns twenty-two and give up the magic that is her birthright, Dare fights back, determined to change the course of history. Only along the way she falls for a human who forces her to face the reality that there are some things she can’t resist.

Zac Morgan has crossed the globe hoping to find comfort after a tragic loss has left him empty. He hopes Sullen’s Grove will give him peace and just a little taste of home. Even though he’s worked hard to keep his heart protected, he can’t stop the attraction he feels for the mysterious green-eyed college girl Dare.

When Zac is thrust into the middle of a dangerous shifter war, Dare may be the only one who can save him. Sometimes the choices we make are the ones we least expect.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Spotlight: STEPBROTHER Love 1 by I. Scarlet


The kiss…
That hot, sweet, mind-blowing kiss…
And that’s exactly what it had done. It blew my fucking mind.
My body went hot and hard, from zero to 60 in three seconds flat.
But that was all it had been.


Our little second-hand family fell apart after I kissed my stepbrother. It wasn’t what sent our parents’ marriage up in flames, but it sure as hell felt like it was.
Like fate was punishing us for that one kiss.
Our first kiss.
The kiss that ruined everything.
The kiss I could never forget.
And now, two years later, our second hand family was getting a second chance.
But try though I might to get over it, just seeing Joshua again rekindled the desire that first kiss ignited.
How could I live without him?
How could I live with myself if I was with him?

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Spotlight: Hunting Him by Alexandra Vos

Thrill-seeking is what led Imogen to join a vampire-hunting Guild... and also what landed her in bed with a vampire.

Nate is gorgeous and funny, but it's the fact he could snap her in half that really gets Imogen hot under the collar. She's sure Nate wouldn't hurt her, but if the Guild found out she was involved with a vampire, they'd execute her themselves.

When the most powerful vampire yet comes to town and the Guild must work together to stop his reign of terror, Imogen faces a tough question. How can she protect her city, keep herself alive and resist Nate?

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Spotlight: Honey Trap Vegas by Ellie Lynden

Vegas is where you find it, but do you know what it is you've won. After getting blackout drunk in an initiation party thrown by his work colleagues, Bob finds himself in unfamiliar surroundings. He wakes up alone and descends the stairs to find the girl of his dreams in her underwear. He soon realises that he’s in deep and sinking, they quickly decide to ‘get to know each other’ all over again only to be seen by a young girl equally scantily clad. It isn’t long before Bob realises who this young woman is and realises the implications of a sexy new stepdaughter.

Bob knows he didn’t lose at the Casino last night. He won the jackpot. He has a gorgeous new wife willing to suck him off over breakfast and an even more seductive stepdaughter who wants him badly. He’s gotten two women for the price of one and they’re both beautiful temptresses.

However, there are certain problems involved with fucking both mother and daughter. How will it all work out?

The prose is exciting and gets the blood rushing. Be prepared that once you begin reading you won’t want to stop.

Spotlight: Crushed (Torn #7) by Pamela Ann

Amber's Story

Do you remember your first kiss? Not the I-dare-you-spin-the-bottle-kind, but the first kiss, kiss. You know, the one where you first feel your stomach somersault in anticipation and your heart pounds so hard against your chest, you think you're about to die on the spot.

That was Brody for me.

For years, I kept my mouth shut about how I felt about him because everyone knew Lindsey, one of my best friends, was in love with him. One drunken night in sophomore year, I spent the night in his arms. It meant everything to me, but sadly, I hadn't mattered to him.

I've watched him chase after my friend when he realized Lindsey was starting to take men seriously.

I thought doing everything he wanted would finally make him see me, but I was wrong. My love for him not only broke me. But it certainly crushed me into pieces.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Spotlight: Escaping Forever (Immortal Chronicles #1) by Diana St. Gabriel

She’s the reincarnation of his old flame. And the only one who can kill him.

One hundred and fifty years ago, Matthew fell in love with the wrong girl. Granted Immortality and tasked with protecting a young woman in his Southern town, he was given one rule: Stay away from her. He failed—and as punishment was cursed with a life of solitude, pain, and loss. His only escape is death at the hands of the soul that marked his so deeply, all those years ago... if he can find her. A soul marked and cursed in her own way, who remembers nothing of the love they shared and lost.

For pre-med student Hallie, loneliness isn't a curse—it's a survival skill. After years of struggle and abandonment, her world tilts on its axis again: a freak ice storm sends her van hurtling into a tree — and Hallie into the arms of a tall stranger whose embrace feels hauntingly familiar…

With a vengeful Guardian on their tail, she can’t fall for him. But faced with Matthew’s captivating presence, a baffling historical mystery, and one whirlwind road trip, Hallie will have to come to terms with her past, Matthew’s secret, and the fact that some lives are like true love… eternal.

ESCAPING FOREVER is book one in a full-length New Adult Paranormal Romance series. It contains sensual love scenes and is intended for mature readers.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Spotlight: Flirting With Destiny: Aedyn Book 1 by Eve Carter

“Damn my father and damn this trip. He died and left his affairs in a mess for me to settle. If I return to my hometown, I know the inevitable will happen. I’ll run into Lauren Mitchell! When someone blasts a hole on your heart, like Lauren did to me, it tends to stay open and seeing her again will not ease the pain.”
Aedyn Dell Cumberland left his small hometown after watching his mother pass away in the hospital the night of his high school graduation. In the years to follow he distanced himself completely from the small town and was transformed from a member of the geek squad to a handsome and successful businessman. 

When he finally returns to attend his father’s funeral, he runs into his high school crush, Lauren Mitchel. Old feelings he’d wanted to be left buried are stirred up until he learns about Lauren’s short-tempered boyfriend. 

Can a couple miss their destiny the first time, and then get another chance at it? Or will Aedyn’s heart remain a puppet for which Lauren holds the strings?

Spotlight: Billionaire Secrets of a Wanglorious Bastard by Alexei Auld

Chinese-Jamerican Rufus Wang eschews the playboy lifestyle of his paternal grandfather by attending law school, staying true to a boring, live-in girlfriend, and accepting a summer associate position at prestigious law firm Krueller Pitts. After languishing in office politics for unearthing the salacious secrets of Krueller success, Rufus finds the help he needs from an unlikely source at an unexpected cost. Can Rufus ‘man up’ and embrace something within that he’s spent his whole life struggling to avoid or will he end up hopeless and homeless?

Brace yourselves, you are about to learn the BILLIONAIRE SECRETS OF A WANGLORIOUS BASTARD!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Spotlight: Sugar and Spice Story Collection by Elizabeth Carlos

Sugar and Spice Story Collection features nine individually published, sweet and spicy, contemporary romance short stories:

Falling For You - Rhys has always had feelings for her friend, Tommy, but doesn't know if they are returned. Tommy is intrigued by her tipsy proposal at her sister's wedding reception. Will it lead to the beginning of something wonderful? (5,200 words)

Talk Dirty to Me - Previously titled as Wishes. Kylie's marriage ended when her husband cheated and got the other woman pregnant. She could use some cheering up--maybe a hot little phone chat with Shane, her ex-boyfriend, would help? Too bad she's still in love with him. (4,400 words)

My Favorite Mistake - Faith's ex-boyfriend, Rick, broke up with her the summer after high school because of his best friend's lie. By the time Rick discovered the truth, it was too late. Now it's been two years, and he's standing on her grandma's front porch asking for a second chance. Will he get one? (3,500 words)

Never Let You Go - Elle and Danny were childhood sweethearts who married right out of college and then divorced. Six months later, they run into each other at a wedding reception. Will sparks fly a second time? Or will they get burned? (5,800 words)

Office Affairs - Maryse and her boss, Evan, were just friends until his wife decided she was a lesbian. One lonely night leads to a hot and heavy affair. Just when Maryse thinks their affair may turn into forever, Evan's ex-wife decides she wants him back. Will Maryse and Evan get their happily ever after? And will it involve some pain and pleasure? (4,000 words)

Loving You - Today, my boyfriend and I had the best snow day ever. It's pretty simple. After all, what could two healthy twenty-somethings do to pass the time? We certainly weren't knitting a sweater. (3,600 words)

Until You - My life changed three days before my wedding. That's when I walked in on Sam, my fiance, and Angie, my maid of honor (and cousin!) defiling my couch. Now I've been cheated on and dumped, but there's a silver lining in all of this. I get to keep Sam's younger brother as my best friend...and maybe something more. (6,600 words)

Under My Skin - Bridget and Harry are best friends...with benefits. Tired of being his dirty little secret, Bridget decides she wants more from their relationship. Will Harry risk loving her or will he let her go? (14,200 words)

Need You Now - When Sarah bumped into Trey at a restaurant, she wasn't expecting the good-looking, charming guy to ask her out on a date. But she never would have guessed that he was the new boss that everybody in her office was dreading. Will their romance be over before it even starts? Or will that night be the beginning of forever? (13,300 words)

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Spotlight: A Girl Like Avery (That Girl is Mine #1-3) by Eve Cates

Avery Bishop loves her boyfriend, Josh. She loves him so much, that she's willing to put college on hold and travel across the country to California, so he can complete his residency at the Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

Needing a place to stay, they move in with Josh's childhood friend, Dylan Thompson, to save on rent. Dylan is a tattoo artist who's hardly ever home - which suits them just fine. He's moody, and gives Avery a strange feeling every time he looks at her.

Everything is perfect at first. Then Josh's position at the hospital becomes more and more demanding, and it's affecting their relationship and leaving Avery alone with Dylan more often than she's with Josh.

It's no excuse, but Dylan has always wanted a girl like Avery...

Monday, August 10, 2015

Spotlight: The Single Game (The Apartment Novels #3) by Amanda Black

In this third, stand-alone installment of Amanda Black’s Apartment Novels series, sparks fly during a sexy party game.

When Eden Foster’s parents tell her they’re moving from Chicago to the Illinois suburb of Aledo, Eden is crushed. That is, until she runs crying to her jock boyfriend, who she finds on top of her so-called best friend. Moving’s not looking so bad anymore.

Now a senior at Mercer County High, Eden is ready to re-enter the dating scene. Still burned over the betrayal of her ex, she’s looking for someone sweet and innocent. With the help of her two new friends, Zoe and Amy, Eden makes a list of what she’s looking for: an eager virgin, ready for training—and no jocks.

Eden thinks she’s found what she’s looking for in Logan Black, a shy and geeky classmate. But why are Zoe and Amy convinced that the answer to her search is a party game…with kissing?

Eden better get ready, because she’s about to play the Single Game.

The Single Game is the latest addition to the erotic Apartment Novels series, which began with Lily and Ethan in The Apartment and The Blank Canvas.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Spotlight: That Boy by Jillian Dodd

You know, being friends with two cute boys does have its benefits. 

There's Danny. Danny is a golden boy in every way. He has dreamy blue eyes and blonde hair that always looks perfect, even when it’s windblown or been stuck under a football helmet. He’s the boy every girl crushes on. The boy I get into trouble with, the boy I fight with, the hot quarterback no girl can resist. Being with Danny is like being on an adventure. He has a bright, contagious smile and abs to die for.

Equally crush-worthy is Phillip. Adorable, sweet Phillip, who I have known since birth.  Phillip has dark hair, a perfect smile, brown eyes, and the sexiest voice I have ever heard. He’s the boy I talk to every night before I go to sleep. The boy who rescues me, the boy who can read my mind, the boy who is always there for me, the boy who tries to keep me out of trouble, the boy who irritatingly keeps getting hotter, and whose strong arms always seem to find their way around me.  And when he gives me that grin, I can never say no.

One boy will give me my very first kiss.
One boy will teach me to make out.
One boy will take me to prom.
And, finally, one boy will ask me to marry him.
They will both be my best friends.
But only one of them will be the boy I fall in love with.
Only one of them is That Boy.

*This is a story about friendships that span from grade school through college, and there is no love triangle.

Spotlight: Just Like Grey 1: What He Wants by J. S. Cooke & Harper Whitmore

Book 1 of the Series.
Warnings: Sex, Language and Cliffhanger.

If you loved Shades of Grey you will LOVE this story.
If you hated Shades of Grey you will LOVE this story.

When temp secretary Holly Acosta lands a new job working for billionaire music mogul Axel Maxwell, she is surprised by the instant attraction she feels towards him.

Trying to put all thoughts of him out of her mind only succeeds in making her hidden desires come to the surface.

With a boyfriend and a "vanilla" love life, the innocent Holly is shocked with the way she can't stop thinking about Axel and what secrets he has hidden from public that those closest to him seem to know but are unwilling to reveal.

There is MUCH more to Axel than first meets the eye. Much, much more!