Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Spotlight: Revelations (When Separate Worlds Collide1) by Izzibella Beau



 What happens when two totally different people from two separate worlds collide? This is the story of Zach and Emily, their family, their friends, and what happens when the truth finally becomes known and love might not be able to save them. Welcome to West Lakes, a place where your friends and family may not be who they seem. This is a world where it’s not the dark you should be afraid of, but what could be waiting for you inside that darkness – that’s what should terrify you the most.

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The leaves started to create their own spiraling tornado as the wolf came up beside her. It lay in the grass with its head on its front paws. It was the shiniest of black and the grayness of its eyes were of complete contrast with the rest of its coloring. Madison no longer felt terrified as the wolf looked at her with recognition. It was as if she knew this wolf from somewhere, even though she’d never met a wolf in these parts before. “Thank you to the wind I have called. Now it is time for you to be released and return again another day. Blessed be and be on your way.” Madison recited the rite to have the wind stop and return to the normalcy that it once was. Jacob was astonished of what Madison had just done and also for the fact that she didn’t run off screaming because of the big bad wolf coming up to her. His wolf lay beside her and Jacob felt the wolf’s content as he was with his supposed mate. He could hear her heartbeat and the rhythm showed no hints of anxiety from him being so close. Madison said some other words and the flames on the candles went out without her having to do much more. Madison looked over at the wolf lying beside her. He was much larger than she was expecting when he had first come up to her. She was seated in an upright position and even lying down the wolf’s back was level with her head. There had never been any sighting or news talk about this type of creature spotted in the West Lakes area. She knew that a normal girl her age would run away screaming, but she felt more relaxed with him near than she had felt in years. Madison wanted to run her fingers through the thick silkiness of his fur. She slowly lifted her hand so she wouldn’t startle him with any movement that she did. His big gray eyes looked right into hers and she knew he wouldn’t do anything to harm her if she touched him. The fur around his neck felt like finest of cashmere. It was so silky and smooth, she just wanted to keep running her fingers through it all day.
The wolf was in total utter bliss. His mate was showing all the signs of contentment of him being near. Jacob started to feel a little scared at this whole scenario. This wasn’t supposed to be happening, at least not with her. He had to get himself out of this situation before his wolf decided to never leave. “Well, I have to get going,” Madison spoke to the wolf as if he understood what she had said. He looked at her with kindness written in his eyes. She stroked the fur around his neck one last time. She honestly didn’t know if she’d ever see this beautiful creature again, but something deep within her told her this wasn’t their first or last meeting. She stood, as did the wolf. They were almost eye level when standing. ‘Noooooooo,’ Jacob screamed out at his wolf as he knew what he was going to do. The wolf stepped closer to Madison and in one swift movement licked her from the base of her neck, along her cheek, and up to her temple of the side of her head. In human form that would have been considered a full blown out kiss, but in wolf terms it meant he had just marked her as being his own. Every ‘were’ out there would be able to smell his scent on her. Finally, Jacob gained some control and forced his wolf to turn away. He ran back toward the tree line from which he had entered. He turned around once he knew she could no longer see him. She was staring off in the direction he’d gone with her hand in the air like she was saying goodbye.
 Izzibella Beau is an author with Beau Coup LLC. She resides on a small farm with her husband and 31 children; 3 biological and 28 canine. Ms. Beau has a master degree in Criminal Justice and many graduate hours in the disciplines of social service and education. Ms. Beau is an advocate of animal rights and supports many rescue groups and causes.

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