Thursday, November 26, 2015

Spotlight: What we do for Love (Adventures in Suburbia Book 1) by A.I. Stevens

What do you get your husband who has everything? I decided to give him something he had never had. It was my first time in my butt, he damn well better love me.

A brief snippet:

“I guess I could suck you if you want.” We had a pretty active sex life normally, and typically right before our anniversary we fucked like bunnies.

“If you don’t think it will affect your stomach that would be great.” He enthusiastically agreed. This wasn't a giant shocker. Who’d of thunk it, that he’d be down for a BJ.

I knelt next to his hips, and pulled his underwear off. He was just barely hard; I loved this stage, when I could fit all of him in my mouth. I engulfed him, getting him wet all over. I held him against my tongue and gently sucked, feeling life fill his cock. He swelled in me, faster than I expected, quickly hitting the back of my throat. I grasped the base with one hand and cupped his balls with the other, rolling them in my fingers, tugging on them. He grew to full size; I felt a slight disappointment at only taking him halfway down, knowing he loved anything I did to him.

I held the tip in my mouth, gently sucking on it, nipping at it with my lips. I sucked hard pulling him as deep as I could, my cheeks caving in with the pressure. I jacked him with my hand, he was slick with my saliva, I slid easily over him. I pressed my hand against my lips and held it there.

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