Monday, May 23, 2016

Spotlight: Captives of the Candle Flames: Book 1 of the Cathedral Series: A tale of Redemption sealed in Wax by Raven Merlot

Annika, a beautiful young peasant, is being fought over by nobles. She seeks refuge in a village cathedral and with its enigmatic Bishop, Erdyl. His ageless presence has a calming effect upon the whole town, even as they fear the magic that preserves him.

As Annika seeks redemption for causing the lusts of the nobles to burn out of control she finds peace through pain and purpose through punishment with Erdyl. As they begin to understand the curse that gave him a preternaturally long yet loveless life he finds himself rescued by her as much as she is rescued by him. They sensuously heal each other and their sins burned away by the Cathedral's enchanted candles and the powerful wax they are drawn from.

Included is Raven's Rules for sensual wax play. Raven Merlot wants all of her readers and fans to experience the free yet safe sensual experiences that she enjoys every chance she gets.

This is Book 1 of the ever growing Cathedral Series. Look for Book 2 (available 5/16) and Book 3 (available by 5/30.)

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