Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Spotlight: Marriage by Law: New Adult Contemporary Romance by N.K. Pockett



Romantic. Funny. And filled with great twists that you'll love.

"Marrying a total stranger? I'd rather eat seafood for the rest of my life."

What happens when two complete strangers are thrown into an arranged marriage they don’t want? All hell breaks loose.

Ivory Hiddleberg, born to a long line of entrepreneurs, is in a sticky situation. As the first girl born in the family for over five generations, she was expected to do one thing: to marry into the influential Quartz family.

To honour an age-old deal made by her great-great grandfather, she was set to marry Darius Quartz, CEO of a multi-billion company. Deadly handsome but cold as ice, she knew he could never give her the happiness she deserves. But with parents hell-bent on making the deal a reality in hopes of preventing competition between their businesses, they couldn’t do anything.

So marry him she did.

Six months later, Ivory finds herself bored to death. With her stranger of a husband gone for business training abroad, nothing much has changed. That is, until Darius returns.

Add Ivory’s cheating ex-boyfriend, her hilariously loyal best friend, and Darius’ insane cousin to the picture, and her life just becomes more interesting than attending her French lessons.

Will she come through? Will they ever learn to accept their relationship? Will love come after marriage?

Grab this funny, romantic novel full of fun, joy, insanity, and most of all, love. Get your copy now!

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