Monday, July 7, 2014

Check it out: 101 Nights Box Set: Volume One by SE Reign

.99 cents

A twisted, HOT Cinderella story ...

101 Nights Box Set Volume One, includes: "Claimed," "Tainted," and "Crushed"

Tie me. Tease me. Take me. Love me?

As delicate as the first frost, as intense as the desert sun over my kingdom, our relationship is like a complicated tango. Every time we try to dance closer to one another, we find ourselves flung to opposite sides of the room, torn a part by distrust and secrets.

That’s better, though, isn’t it? The last thing I need is someone like her cramping a life I’m comfortable with.

Why, then, does my world stop when Natalie threatens to walk out on me? Why do I want her to stay?

More importantly, why can’t we trust each other long enough to figure out what the hell we’re really doing here? It’s never been this hard before with anyone else.

We’re on a collision course with something neither of us can control, and I know when we hit the reality of what’s between us, someone’s going to get hurt.

Because I can’t lose my kingdom, even for her, and she’s too good of a person to make me the king.

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