Thursday, July 10, 2014

Spotlight: Why Yellow Jackets Can't Find the Hole by Emily Walker


The Yellow Jackets are a group of young men in their early twenties who have taken a vow of sexual purity. But making a vow and keeping a vow is two different things. Each of them struggle in one way or the other to remain sexually unscathed. Bryant, one of the Jackets, has moved off campus from the all-boys school and finds himself neighbors to a very tantalizing beauty. Only this girl is much more than she seems, and unbeknownst to Bryant, she makes it her mission in life to take his virginity. Bryant and his roommates, in the meantime, are slowly discovering that all of their fellow Yellow Jackets have secrets. Not to mention that there’s a spy in their midst—one who is doing everything he possibly can to expose the fact that the Yellow Jackets are not as ‘pure’ as they all seem.
"Rebel Girl was standing there in his foyer with her hands behind her back. Her stance made her breasts stand out even more than usual. She’d changed into a green low cut dress which made his breath catch in his throat. Bryant didn't believe it would be possible for him to say anything right now even if he wanted to. The color was perfect against her tan skin, making her look like some type of goddess standing in the foyer of his home. He needed to make his feet move and they finally did with some coaxing. Bryant hoped he’d be able to control his nervousness as he slowly went down the stairs. His legs felt like rubber bands when he tried to walk on them. His flight or fight response was beginning to kick in and every fiber of his being was telling him to run. She was just too tempting, though, and he was drawn to her like a bee to honey. Rebel Girl was within his home now and this was a chance he just couldn't pass up. Roy looked like a kid at Christmas when he walked into the living room. His skin was glowing, his eyes were sparkling, his teeth were showing, and his big grin shoved his face into an unnatural position. He was smiling from ear to ear and nodding a lot. Bryant thought it just made him look creepy. Henry seemed to have it together a little more. “Bryant, this is Summer and Holly.” Henry was polite and courteous, traits he normally didn’t possess. It was interesting to see how being around the fairer sex changed all of their actions. Summer was Rebel Girl. Bryant couldn’t breathe. Shaking Holly’s hand first as he moved forward, Bryant found his voice. “Nice to meet you.” But something happened when he took Summer’s hand and looked into her eyes. The whole world stood still and an electric shock went through her hand to his. His mind was trying to make sense of the connection he made to her. Every thought flipped through his mind from soul mates to repulsion and his mind was torn between every emotion. This wasn't normal. He hadn't had much contact with girls. Okay, he hadn’t had any contact with girls. All the same he was convinced this electric touch must have meant something special. “Sorry,” her voice broke through, distracting him from his momentary lapse from reality, “I must have rubbed the carpet with my feet on my way in.” Bryant felt really stupid that he hadn’t thought of that first. His mind had been completely out in left field somewhere, and he hoped his mental faculties came back sometime soon. If he didn’t get it together quickly, this could end badly. "

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