Saturday, May 30, 2015

Spotlight: Destiny Undone 1 by Amanda Heartley

Pepper Anderson has a reputation that precedes her—and thanks to a little alcohol, her late-night antics and the never-ending attention of the paparazzi, she’s always front page news.

Her ‘friend with benefits’, Jonathan Church, is confident, commanding, and hotter than hell! When they're together, they’re spontaneous, careless and passionately reckless. He’s also Destiny Beach’s richest playboy and he wants Pepper all to himself.

To stay out of jail for her latest shenanigans and to get back in Daddy’s good graces, Pepper takes on a job as an intern at Sea Lab—a sea life theme park with stinky, smelly fish—and Gabriel Gregory, her new boss.

The mere sight of him takes her breath away, and his voice makes her knees weak. Gabe is at the top of his professional game. He’s smart, quiet and keeps his distance from the limelight of Destiny Beach's rich and famous.

Pepper wants him. Gabe wants her as well—or so he thinks—until their first date and he ends up in the middle of Peppers chaotic life. He can't deny the feelings he has for her, but will he be able to stay in control? Will Jonathan Church let her go?

Find out in this steamy new adult romance by bestselling author Amanda Heartley!

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