Sunday, July 26, 2015

Spotlight: Betrayal by Aubrey St. Clair

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Chase Anderson is blond, impossibly handsome and frustratingly arrogant. Certainly the last thing I need after being betrayed by my boyfriend in the middle of our trip to Las Vegas.

So why the hell am I so drawn to him?

Sure, he was the first thing I clung to when Harrison tried to gamble me away, but that was out of necessity. I had nowhere else to go. But that’s no longer my excuse. I can leave any time I want.

So why don’t I want to?

Chase is a complicated man, and I don’t need complications right now. He might have more secrets and lies than Harrison ever had, but I have no way of knowing. Chase has made a living from masking his true thoughts and emotions. At hiding the cards he’s been dealt, and his plans on how to play them.

The only questions is, does he only keep those secrets from his opponents at the poker table, or does he keep them from everyone else as well?

**Betrayal is a standalone romance novel with a very HEA!**

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