Thursday, July 9, 2015

Spotlight: Between Black and Sunshine by Haven Francis

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Between Black and Sunshine can be read as a stand alone novel or with the prequel While We Were Lost. The following description will have spoilers for While We Were Lost.

On the floor of your dying brother’s bedroom is not the ideal place to fall in love. But nothing about Jude and Luca’s love has ever been ordinary… or especially pleasant.

Luca promised Jude’s brother that he would always protect her and keep her safe, but the self-destructive path Jude and Luca took after Jonah was gone was anything but safe. When they emerged Jude was no longer a toe-headed, skirt-wearing, obedient girl, but an angry one, covered in black and adorned with piercings and a tattoo; looking tailor-made for Luca. Luca had never loved her more. This fact, coupled with the secret from his past, meant that he was capable of hurting her more than her step-father’s hands or her brother’s death. When it came time to choose a college, Luca chose distance. It hurt like hell but he knew it had to be done.

Now, two years later, it’s Jude’s turn to choose, and Luca is still the only thing she wants. When Luca’s reaction to her news goes exactly how Jude expected-not well at all- she knows something has to change. Leaving her former self in Iowa, she heads to Portland with a mission: To make Luca see that she is not the damaged girl he needs to stay away from in order to protect, but the well-adjusted woman he needs to let himself love.

Reunited, they both know that their love and desire for each other is too strong to discount. But with the darkness of their worst fears, their self-destructive behavior and their complicated past still looming, does their love have any hope of finding light?

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