Monday, April 25, 2016

Spotlight: Arrogant Neighbor: A Navy SEAL Romance by Kira Ward

$.99 for a limited time only!

The first night in my new apartment, I wanted to kill him. The laughter in the halls, the banging against the walls, the sound of that girl screaming in ecstasy. It was so loud that I had to call our building manager about him twice.

My new neighbor was a rude, arrogant asshole.

I can't blame the girl though. His dazzling blue eyes, that body, those tattoos. I had never met a guy quite like him.

But then he keyed my car, and I needed to get the police involved. That was the beginning of our heated feud.

Little did I know, things were about to get a lot more heated. The cocky bastard was holding onto a lot of big secrets, one of them being that he was an ex-Navy Seal. And when the Navy Seal came to the rescue, I ended up rescuing him from himself in the process.

This is a full standalone novel with a happily ever after ending. No cheating!

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