Friday, June 12, 2015

Spotlight: Deceived (Forget Me Not #1) by Liv Bennett

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I'm dirt poor and unattractive, whereas Loraine is a beauty queen and wealthy enough to wipe her nose with hundred dollar bills every day. Yet, she wants me to seduce her husband and the father of her kids--Kenneth, the youngest and the sexiest self-made billionaire alive.

That she wants to divorce him to get most of his assets is a big fat lie and we both know it because you don't just give up on a man like Kenneth, the very symbol of power and raw sexuality. You tie him down with chains and barb wires so he can't escape.

While searching for the real reason Loraine has hired me as a nanny, I'm working hard not to fall for Kenneth.

That, too, proves to be a big fat lie.

*Forget Me Not 1: DECEIVED is 23,000 words long, 80 print pages.

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