Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Spotlight: Wanted: Love in London Series 1 by Demelza Watts

Free until June 4th!!


Running from heartbreak and into an exciting new world, Elizabeth Morgan has left her small town for the big city lights of London. Although she is open to love, she wants to be sure the man she finally sleeps with is the One. She envisions a perfect union; just like her parents.

She isn’t worried and she certainly isn’t looking. She is free now and has plenty of time. Or so she thought. Then she goes to work for Theo Steele and her life is turned upon its head...

Theo is an arrogant American, bursting to take the London market by storm. He plays by the rules… his rules. Only his rules.

People could either live with them or go. He doesn't care. Until he finds himself toe to toe with a beautiful blonde. All he knows it that he wants her… now.

Join Beth and Theo as they navigate the treacherous journey of love in Wanted, the first book of the Love in London Series. This is a complete novella with no cliffhangers. The following novellas will feature friends and family who weave into each other's lives.

Please note this is written by an English author so there may be some phrases different to that in the US.

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