Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Spotlight: INFORMANT by Ava Archer Payne

A sexy undercover DEA agent lures a young college student into helping him infiltrate the Cuban mob. INFORMANT is a complete standalone novel. No cliffhangers!

MONEY I’m Kylie Porter, a nineteen-year-old biology major at San Francisco State. I’m a part-time waitress and a straight A student. I’m also an informant the DEA hired to infiltrate the Cuban mob.

DRUGS Specifically, I’m being paid to seduce Ricco Diaz, the sexy son of a sociopathic drug lord.

SEX Beckett—the smoldering hot undercover DEA agent who lured me into helping him trap Diaz? I never meant to fall in love with him.

BETRAYAL And I definitely didn't mean to hurt him... I just didn't have a choice.

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