Saturday, September 5, 2015

Spotlight: Betrayal by Aubrey St. Clair

Betrayal is a full standalone romance novel with a happily ever after ended and no cliffhanger!

It’s too soon for Lila to even consider trusting another man after what just happened, but the famous Chase Anderson isn’t an ordinary man. He’s rich, impossibly handsome, but also frustratingly arrogant. He might be the only one offering to help, but she can’t forget that he’s one of the reasons for her current trouble in the first place.

Chase is a complication at a time where Lila’s life is already complicated. His world is built on keeping secrets, that’s how he earns a living. But with a man like that, how can you ever know if he’s telling the truth?

Even if he offers her his heart, how can she trust him with her own?

Does the mask he’s spent his whole life perfecting ever truly come off?

Has he spent so much time wearing a mask that he’s incapable of taking it off at all?

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