Sunday, September 6, 2015

Spotlight: Textbook Romance by Alexandra Vos

Corinne Morgan's life is in a downwards spiral. Not only is she forced into teaching at the school with the worst reputation in the city to pay for her mother's expensive care, but her dad's temper is becoming out of control as his alcoholism takes a turn for the worse and it's getting harder to hide the bruises.

With a non-existent love life and equally broken self-esteem, Corinne is drawn to her outgoing student, Noah. He's rude and arrogant, but Corinne finds herself admiring his muscled physique and his mess of black hair on a daily basis.

It doesn't stay simply physical for long: when Noah finds out about Corinne's abuse, the cocky persona gives way to an attentive and kind guy who is willing to go the distance to keep something positive in Corinne's life. But if Corinne loses her job for being in a relationship with her student, her mother's care will have to come to an end. Then there's Noah's older brother and sole guardian: his drug dealing was bound to cause trouble at some point and Corinne is about to get caught right in the middle of it.

Can she put herself first for a change and take the risk, or will Corinne and Noah be doomed to remain just student and teacher?

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