Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Spotlight: Decoy U, Eyes and Ears Everywhere: Case of the Tasteless Thesis (Decoy U, Eyes & Ears Everywhere) by Anita Mooring


A match made in heaven? College students and cell phones.

There’s something weird going on at college campuses across the country. Students are finding jobs using their phones! With 84% of students owning Smartphone’s, and that number’s growing daily. It’s no surprise student’s sign up as Eyes and Ears at Grit, Inc to turn on their phones and record action all over the city. No other agency can compete with that level of man-power, and they’ve tried, earning Grit, Inc the name, Decoy U.

So if you’re tired of reading the same, refried stories of boy meets girl and want excitement in this digital era, grab your copy of Decoy U, Eyes and Ears Everywhere.

A short read about Leo Grit, owner of Grit, Inc, & Decoy U-  decisions and opposition to creating Decoy U. Being in the right place at the wrong time offers Leo an opportunity to change his thesis into a project he can get behind. However, the Committee Chair has his eyes set on Leo's current project being the next best thing to take the college into the big leagues.

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