Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Spotlight: My (Former) Nerd Stepbrother by Arabella Abbing

Back in high school, the only thing that mattered to me was my social status. A few weeks before prom, my loser stepbrother James revealed his feelings for me and my friends came up with a humiliating plan to embarrass him on the big night. The biggest regret of my life was going along with the cruel plan. After prom, I vowed never to treat anyone so poorly again. If only that vow was enough to make it up to James.

Six years later and I'm up to my eyeballs in bills. The only person who could possibly help me is James since he became vastly rich after high school with the start-up of his software company. I can only hope he’ll see how much I’ve changed from the person I was in high school when I beg for his help and forgiveness.

The most surprising part of seeing him is just how much he had changed.

This title was previously published under a different name and title. If the description sounds familiar, please review the ‘Look Inside’ portion before purchasing.

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