Sunday, August 9, 2015

Spotlight: Just Like Grey 1: What He Wants by J. S. Cooke & Harper Whitmore

Book 1 of the Series.
Warnings: Sex, Language and Cliffhanger.

If you loved Shades of Grey you will LOVE this story.
If you hated Shades of Grey you will LOVE this story.

When temp secretary Holly Acosta lands a new job working for billionaire music mogul Axel Maxwell, she is surprised by the instant attraction she feels towards him.

Trying to put all thoughts of him out of her mind only succeeds in making her hidden desires come to the surface.

With a boyfriend and a "vanilla" love life, the innocent Holly is shocked with the way she can't stop thinking about Axel and what secrets he has hidden from public that those closest to him seem to know but are unwilling to reveal.

There is MUCH more to Axel than first meets the eye. Much, much more!


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