Monday, August 3, 2015

Spotlight: Shelter Me (Shelter Me Series Book 1) by Kathy Coopmans

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At the young age of nineteen Shayne Andrews thought she had it all. She had the love of her life, her highschool sweetheart and a bright future ahead of her.That is, until one day he just disappeared, leaving only a note as his goodbye. With her heart shattered and broken, Shayne did the only thing she could. She left her samll town on the shores of Lake Michigan needing to start her life over and distance herself from the memories she and Luke made. At that time, she vowed to herself she would never return to her hometown again. Seven years later, Shayne realizes that fate is not on her side, as she returns home for her aunts funeral, bringing back the one secret she swore to protect.

Luke Schavone has regretted everyday that he had to leave Shayne behind. Though he didnt have a choice, his heart still bore the scars from the impact. Five years later, Luke returned only to find that Shayne was gone. His best friend was the only lifeline he had to finding her. But Adam wasn't talking. When the one thing Luke has wanted everyday for the past seven years runs right into him one night, he becomes determined to make sure he never loses her again.

At first Shayne is hesitant, she wouldn't be able to survive losing him again but the pull towrds him is so fierce, she can't deny herself the chance. With the decision to start over, Luke and Shayne must admit truths and come to terms with th events that forced them apart in the first place. When secrets are revealed and old threats come to pass will Luke be able to Shelter Shayne from the destruction, of wil she be lost to him forever?

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