Monday, August 24, 2015

Spotlight: Playing For Keeps by Dani Weston

Courtney Dreger is embarking on her last year at UCLA, and that means keeping her nose to the grindstone so that she can get into a great MBA program. It also means that it might be time to say goodbye to her all-women band, Ladies in Waiting, for good. There just isn't time to study and rock and roll, anymore. When pop icon Jimmy Keats enters the picture, though, Courtney finds her world turned upside down. Not only is Jimmy smolderingly sexy and very attentive to Courtney, he's also thinking about signing her band to his new label. Courtney's not convinced she can juggle a hot, famous man, a music career, and her academic career--but she's sure as hell going to try. When anonymous letters threaten her life, however, Courtney realizes she may be in too deep. Is love and the rock and roll lifestyle worth the drama, the fear, and the trust issues she's been having since Jimmy Keats walked into her life? Courtney has to decide if she can really have it all--even when there are people who don't want her to. Playing For Keeps is a sexy romp into a world filled with music, glamour, friendships, mystery, and love. Adult content.

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